ETF Invest Conference

ETF Awards


The Morningstar ETF Awards honor those ETFs and ETF providers that delivered the best investor experience over the past year. Morningstar recognizes that total cost for an ETF goes beyond simple expense ratios and uses its unique data points for measuring estimated holding cost and liquidity cost. Because investors use ETFs to fulfill different investment strategies, Morningstar gives awards to those ETFs that will provide the best investor experience for investors and to those that are best for traders.

Awards will be announced at the Morningstar ETF Invest Conference in October. Award winners are selected based on a sound, quantitative methodology that combines total cost of ownership with risk-adjusted returns.

The Making of the Award

Our new award—handmade from glass—is presented to top fund managers around the world.

Each glass piece is crafted in Murano, Italy at the world-renowned factory of Gianni Seguso.

Master artisans use a centuries-old technique to shape the glass by heating it to a soft, molten state at up to 1300 degrees Celsius.

Hot glass is individually blown and stretched to the proper dimensions for each award.

The final hand-shaped inverted glass cone references the "rising sun" O in the Morningstar logo.