Welcome to the Virtual Training Center  
  The Morningstar Institutional Training Group has built this training center to help decrease your learning curve with Advisor Workstation (AWS), and make you an effective user in just a short amount of time. This is an expanding educational resource, so keep a watch for new updated offerings below.  
  New Offerings:   
  Getting Started with the Basic Features of Advisor Workstation  
  To play the training videos below you will need a Microsoft® Windows Media™ Player version 6.4 or higher (we recommend version 9.0 for users of Windows 2000). If you are unsure which version you have or unfamiliar with the player, please visit the technical recommendations document to update your Media Player and check your browser settings. If you are a brand new user and would like a quick overall tour of Advisor Workstation please view the AWS Intro Video.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email the virtual training center.

      Research Module  
    Research Files Module contains multiple accurate databases with an intuitive interface, with the resources you need to conduct fundamental investment research on investments quickly and produce reports that clients can easily understand. To view an introduction to this module click Introduction to Research Files.  
  Quick methods in finding investments (7:31)  
  Viewing and printing individual investment reports (10:18)  
  Creating and managing user-defined lists of investments (8:22)  
  Building basic searches using user-defined criteria (7:48)  
  Building advanced searches using AND, OR, and REPEAT, and inputting parentheses (9:17)  
  Customizing and saving different research views (6:11)  
  Using and understanding the Market Barometer and Morningstar proprietary Indexes (6:00)  
  Creating and printing comparison graphs for multiple investments (10:39)  
      Clients and Portfolios Module  
    Clients and Portfolios Module serves as the management hub for your client interactions. It displays all your client information in a single interface to facilitate portfolio importing, detailed analysis, and ongoing monitoring. To view and introduction to this modules click Introduction to Clients and Portfolios  
  Building Quick Portfolios Using Dollar Values (15:27)  
  Building Quick Portfolios Using Shares Amounts (9:09)  
  Building Transaction Portfolios (7:12)  
Importing Client Portfolios from PrincipiaŽ software (8:08)
  Introduction to the Portfolio Construction Tool (8:35)  
  Portfolio Reports- Generating, Printing, Saving (11:31)  
  Building Custom Benchmarks for client Portfolio Reports (9:24)  
  Merging individual client portfolios (6:51)  
  Determining a client's asset mix based on risk tolerance (8:57)  
  Determining a client's asset using a needs-based approach (8:32)  
      Sales Module  
    Sales Module, or Hypothetical Illustrations, contains a seven-step wizard to help you construct complicated hypothetical reports to help clients and prospects easily see the value of your expertise. To view an introduction to this module click Introduction to Hypothetical Illustrations.  
  Step 1: Selecting Securities (8:08)  
  •  Step 2: Assigning Time Period (6:25)  
  Step 3: Initial Investments options (4:58)  
  Step 4: Subsequent Investment and Withdrawal settings (8:12)  
  Step 5: Fees: Commission and Asset-Based (8:12)  
  Step 6: Rebalancing or Transfer Options (7:17)  
  Step 7: Finishing the Report for Printing (8:40)  
  Breaking down the Hypothetical Report (11:53)  
    Alerts module allows you to set rules to police your clients portfolios (aggregate rules) or individual investments (security rules). You can view a video of each kind of rule below.  
  Building Security Rules (5:08)  
  Building Aggregate Rules (8:51)